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Connections, Teaching ideas, Tutors, I am looking to get customers to my own homeschooling related business

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I was a teacher for eight years at one of the nation’s elite preparatory schools (Paideia School, Atlanta). I taught social studies, math, literature and writing in a combined 5th / 6th grade classroom; studio art short term classes across all ages / grades; writing at the junior high level; and a high school history class.

While at Paideia, I was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to live in and develop a curriculum around Southeastern Asia; a Blumenthal scholarship to work on a Sundance award-winning film; and a Funds for Teachers grant to develop a ethnomusicology high school history class. I was featured in the school’s education journal (School Book) for my thoughts on why I moved from a career in corporate PR to education; in the Atlanta Constitution-Journal for my work with a Teach for America cohort; and in Creative Loafing for my art class and exhibition at the High Museum of Art pegged to the founding creative director of Def Jam Recordings.

I taught studio art and art history for the City of Pembroke Pines, which was featured twice in the Sun Sentinel—once for its entrepreneurial component, and once for its charity work in partnership with Peter Glenn ski shop.

I co-founded an ongoing high school filmmaking workshop (Camp Flix) in Atlanta with the founder of Turner Classic Movies, CNN, Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting, et al.

I am looking to tutor and assist with the setup of homeschool pods.


Camp Flix: