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Which homeschooling method are you following?

Classical, Eclectic education methods, Unit studies

What grade(s) are your kid(s) in?

3rd Grade

Tell Us About Your Homeschooling Journey

My road to homeschooling is much like my road to motherhood (that’s a long story for another day).  Very unexpected and unplanned but that’s what life is like when you are trying to follow the path that God has for you and not your own.  I read to my son when he was forming in the womb and I read to him as a baby even when my Mom thought I was nuts.  I may have been but I believe that led to him becoming the reader that he is today. His advanced reading level meant he was extremely bored in Kindergarten.  I had already started teaching him math at home so that meant he was not being challenged in that area either.  What could I do?  Gifted program?  No, did not like the approach.  I considered online methods like Connections Academy or K-12 but for some reason my application took a long time to be processed.  Then just for giggles I attended a Homeschool Expo and then I knew, I was going to become a home educator.  It was already August so I had to move quick. I jumped into a Classical Conversations group quickly because I loved the foundational approach that it offered.  As for my curriculum, nothing fancy workbooks from the Dollar Tree and Five and Below.  I’m a single mom, so I make smart decisions and I really cannot spend tons of money on fancy curriculum.  We are entering our 3rd year and my son is thriving.  God is so good!!

Along the way, I had an idea to create a website that I rarely get a chance to update.  One day…